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Just experienced some kind of dejavu about EXO.

Woke up.. because of a dream.

There were China-line in my dream.
It was Tao, Lay, Jia and Fei.

I don’t really sure where but it some kind of school and looks like mall. We’re playing game, a bit like running man.
It was Christmas themed and we need to find dolls that are hidden around beforehand. There was gift in the dolls.
There was 4 that was the right one while other are foul.

I found the last one, actually I found 2, courtesy of Tao in my dream. I got the foul one at first, so I whined something like “it’s not fair, how come you guys can came out so early and start searching earlier, I can’t go out during P.E..” While stomping childishly.

That time, Jia came back to where Tao and Lay, who showed up after Tao. So I thought I lost. But then I remember that I found 2 dolls. Another one was buried under somewhere near.
Tao told me about this.

I went back to search for it and found it.
I joined back the group and started laughing my ass off. In all honesty, I don’t even know why but I laughed because I want to tease Jia for losing.

I was laughing out loud, and even dropped down on my knees, and threw that doll that I found, which the gift I already took and I don’t remember what, to Jia. Like in a joking and mocking manner as I’m trying to say “hahaha you lose”.

I remember the doll was a Christmas tree shaped. Then, I remember turning to look at Lay while still laughing because I thought my action was ridiculous, he just dimple-smiled at me. Damn that was cute. At the same time it was like he’s saying “look~she’s so mean” to Tao and “stop making fun of her” in not-so-serious manner, jokingly to me.

I don’t remember much about Fei but I’m sure she was there. Oh, but I’m sure that I saw Jia pouted when I made fun of her.

As to why it was Christmas themed, I don’t know. I just saw Tao and Lay wore something like elf’s outfits. There’s combination of green and a little red. And I think it’s because I saw or heard something about it in the dream. Maybe song released about it or so?

If this is a sign of dejavu for EXO’s comeback or just special song released that SMTOWN loves to do during seasons, I swear…~


And I wrote this about 10 hours ago, right after I woke up because I wanted to remember that dream.

What is life.. OMG— >\\

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