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You know what? If I have the power to put and locked up all of EXO in one room and let them fight just so they could feel better, I would.

When the boys around me are angry with each other, they’ll fight big time and let it all out. Punching, kicking, yelling and sorta. After that, they will laugh at their own silliness for even fighting and make up again. That’s how boys deal with fight. Of course, later they’ll show up with cracked bone and whatsoever but yea.

Why is it always Kris? Why does people attack on him? Seriously tell me why because I need answers. Why is he always swept up in big rumor. It fucking hurts. It hurts so bad.
Please, people need to back off him. He might look tough but he’s a bit sensitive. I don’t want him to get hurt in any way, mentally or physically. I love him so much..

Kris should release a solo rap titled My Style and the chorus would be like;

I’m Mr.Galaxy yeah yeah Fanfan here we go
[Fanfan] Being cheesy— [Galaxy] My style, ([fanfan] “jeogiyo” (whisper))
[Fanfan] Fried chicken— [Galaxy] Not my style
[Galaxy] G-g-galaxy is my style, ‘g’ is not my style
[Fanfan] So much— [Galaxy] goin’
[Fanfan] And we keep— [Galaxy] playin’
[Galaxy] Chllin’ — [[Fanfan] like a movie star
[Galaxy] Style yeah style my fashion sense is so my style. Swag.

Just experienced some kind of dejavu about EXO.

Woke up.. because of a dream.

There were China-line in my dream.
It was Tao, Lay, Jia and Fei.

I don’t really sure where but it some kind of school and looks like mall. We’re playing game, a bit like running man.
It was Christmas themed and we need to find dolls that are hidden around beforehand. There was gift in the dolls.
There was 4 that was the right one while other are foul.

I found the last one, actually I found 2, courtesy of Tao in my dream. I got the foul one at first, so I whined something like “it’s not fair, how come you guys can came out so early and start searching earlier, I can’t go out during P.E..” While stomping childishly.

That time, Jia came back to where Tao and Lay, who showed up after Tao. So I thought I lost. But then I remember that I found 2 dolls. Another one was buried under somewhere near.
Tao told me about this.

I went back to search for it and found it.
I joined back the group and started laughing my ass off. In all honesty, I don’t even know why but I laughed because I want to tease Jia for losing.

I was laughing out loud, and even dropped down on my knees, and threw that doll that I found, which the gift I already took and I don’t remember what, to Jia. Like in a joking and mocking manner as I’m trying to say “hahaha you lose”.

I remember the doll was a Christmas tree shaped. Then, I remember turning to look at Lay while still laughing because I thought my action was ridiculous, he just dimple-smiled at me. Damn that was cute. At the same time it was like he’s saying “look~she’s so mean” to Tao and “stop making fun of her” in not-so-serious manner, jokingly to me.

I don’t remember much about Fei but I’m sure she was there. Oh, but I’m sure that I saw Jia pouted when I made fun of her.

As to why it was Christmas themed, I don’t know. I just saw Tao and Lay wore something like elf’s outfits. There’s combination of green and a little red. And I think it’s because I saw or heard something about it in the dream. Maybe song released about it or so?

If this is a sign of dejavu for EXO’s comeback or just special song released that SMTOWN loves to do during seasons, I swear…~


And I wrote this about 10 hours ago, right after I woke up because I wanted to remember that dream.

What is life.. OMG— >\\

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